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Wella lashes is a professional Eyelash vendors and manufacturer, dealing in the wholesale of premium 3D mink lashes in USA. As an experienced and professional Wholesale mink lashes vendors, we provide 100% handmade and 100% cruelty-free Siberian mink lashes, including 16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 22 mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes. With our quality products, rapid delivery as well as comprehensive after-sales service, Wella lashes has won high reputation and recognition in America or even worldwide. 

However, we are never content with what we have achieved. Over the past few years, we have been trying to further improve the quality of our products and design eyelashes of new styles. Only in this way can we meet various requirements of customers and maintain high competitiveness in the market.

eyelash vendors

eyelash vendors


For a long time, our activity is not all about manufacturing and selling. How to distinguish our 3D mink eyelash from others’ in the highly competitive market? It is just something we have been focusing on. And with our constant effort, we succeed. Feel curious about how we do it? Go on reading and you will know why.

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wholesale eyelash vendors

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We try to provide you best Siberian Mink Lashes

We started manufacturing and Wholesale Lashes three years ago. Before putting our products on the market, we manufactured more than 100 pairs of 3D mink lashes and gave these lashes out to many people for free because we wanted them to try our lashes on. Then, we let each of them fill in a questionair. They answered such questions like “Do our mink eyelshes feel comfortable”, “Do you look natural with our lashes on?”, etc. In this way, we got first-hand and reliable feedbacks from people, enabling us to improve our products so we can provide best Siberian Mink lashes to customers.

Based on the feedback from people, we have conducted hundreds of experiments, constantly improving and perfecting our mink eyelashes. Meanwhile, we kept getting feedbacks from people, thus making further modifications accordingly. We won’t put our products on the market unless the satisfaction rate reached 90%. At last, we succeeded. As soon as we put our products on the market, we distinguished ourselves immediately with incomparable quality of our products. Our lashes had a great and wide appeal to customers. We were happy for our success but we won’t be satisfied with it. And we clearly know there is still a long way to go.eyelash vendors

mink lash vendors

Premium Mink Lash Wholesale


                     How to be a successful mink eyelash vendor?

eyelash vendors wholesale

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Some entrepreneurs saw their business grow bigger and bigger while some entrepreneurs suffered succesive failures. Why? Let me tell you. As an old saying goes in China, a good beginning is half done. And a wrong beginning will lead you nowhere. So, if you are able to choose a good mink eyelash vendor, your success is just around the corner. However, if you are wrong at first, you cannot expect your success no matter how much you may invest.


mink lashes wholesale

eyelash vendors wholesale

 If you want to start your business of mink lashes, the top priority for you is to find a reliable lash vendor who can provide you premium mink lashes. A reliable lash vendor and excellent source of goods are key to ensuring your long-term success. However, if you fail to choose a reliable lash vendor and sell lashes of poor quality to customers, it is impossible for you to succeed. You will spend a lot of time and energy on your after-sales service, encounter many problems, lose your reputation and credibility as well as your customers. At last, you will even lose your confidence in your business.


wholesale eyelash vendors

mink lashes vendor

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By the way, you can never succeed only by attracting new customers. You have to be able to keep your regular customers with your quality products. Beside keeping regular customers, quality products will also enable you to enlarge your customer base. In this aspect, finding a reliable mink lash vendor and an excellent source of products are absolutely necessary for you.


25mm lashes

When choosing Eyelash Vendors and source of goods, some people may choose relatively cheap mink lashes of lower quality because they want to save money. However, If you really want to run a brand and succeed, you have to choose the best quality 3D mink lashes even at a higher price. If you try to save money when starting your business, we suggest you’d better not waste your time and money because you will absolutely fail! We’ve met such cases for many times before and it is our sincere suggestion based on rich experience.

25mm mink lashes

Why You Can Not Buy Too Cheap 3D Mink Lashes

The products you purchase in bulk may not be as good as the sample mink lashes you bought before.

  1. The style of eyelashes you receive may differ greatly from the style you want because of their low standard of craftsmanship.
  2. Cheap 3D mink eyelashes would feel very tough and uncomfortable because they are made of cheap raw materials.
  3. You may get obviously defective eyelashes and problems like asymmetry or irregularity are likely to occur.
  4. The hair of your eyelashes will fall off after you use them for a few times.
  5. Cheap eyelashes you bought may carry pungent chemical odor because they have been treated with chemicals. What’s worse, a long-term contact with chemicals will increase the risk of cancer.

mink lashes vendors

wholesale mink lash vendors

 Wanna avoid those problems? Choose us!

I bet you never want to find any above problems in the products you buy. If you want to avoid those disgusting problems, choose us! We can free you of worries and spare you a lot of troubles.

 Our 3D Mink Lashes

Best raw material:

Our 3D mink lashes are 100% handcrafted with real hair on the tail of young minks. The hair are glossy, comfortable and flexible. Beside, the collection of hair is completely cruelty free because we collect the hair which would fall off naturally and regularly from minks every year. So you don’t need to worry that you may hurt these lovely animals when wearing the beautiful eyelashes.

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Mink lash Vendors

100% handmade for best 3D effect:

Every pair of our mink eyelashes is 100% handmade by our professional and experienced workers. With 4-8 layers of hair, our mink lashes look very thick and three-dimensional. Treated with special technique, the hair shows a special and beautiful curve which creates 3D effect.

wholesale mink lash vendors

                                                     eyelash wholesale vendor

A great variety of styles:

We provide mink eyelashes of more than 100 styles for your choice to fulfill all kinds of requirements of customers. Beside, we keep developing new styles to maintain the popularity and high competitiveness of our products in the market. If you choose us, you never need to worry that our products may lose appeal to customers. On the contrary, it would always be in vogue or even lead the fashion trend.

mink lash vendor

wholesale lash vendors

Great durability:

Our mink lashes are very durable and can be used for about 20-25 times. The hair wouldn’t fall off or distort easily even if you have used them for many times. If you want to clean the eyelash, you can directly wash them with water.

Start Your 3D Mink Lash Brand Business!

If you want to start your own brand business of mink lashes, choose us! We provide you one package service. And you are bound to succeed with our help!

Custom service:

With a professional and independent design team, we can offer you custom service. If you want to have your own brand, print your private logos on the packaging box, have special requirements or get any new ideas, you can tell us directly and we will meet all your requirements with our custom service.

Website-building service:

If you want to make money, you have to make yourself well known to people so you can get a lot of customers. A successful and attractive website is key to attracting customers. If you need a 3D mink lash website, you can contact us directly. You only need to pay 699 dollars for one year. With your logo, introduction, contact information, pictures and other necessary information provided, we will design and install your special and satisfying website within three days. And we will offer you backgrounf login information, so you can operate to receive orders. Do not worry about operational problems, as long as you can send message on Facebook, you can use our website background to receive orders and make money.

Other services:

As a successful and experienced eyelashes vendor and manufacturer, we can predict the possible problems you may encounter in your business and we are experienced in solving these problrms. So, if you have such problems like sales of goods, transportation of goods, after-sales service, etc. don’t worry because we will provide you our advice and solution.

mink eyelash vendors

mink lash vendors

By the way, if you’re in the business of hair extensions, we strongly recommend that you may consider extend your business to 3D mink lashes. Because 3D mink lashes are just in vogue and it can bring you a lot of customers.

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3d mink lashes wholesale

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wholesale lash vendors

We provide professional and one-stop service for mink lashes wholesale. If you want to succeed, cooperate with us!

3d mink lashes wholesale

 Delivery and After-Sales Service

Delivery of goods:

If your order is relatively small, we will arrange the delivery within three days if we have adequate stock. If we donnot have sufficient stock, we will arrange the production as soon as possible and the delivery would be arranged within seven days.

If you order a large quantity of goods, the production generally takes seven days. And the transportation usually takes three days.

After-sales service:

We offer return service. If you find any problems with the lashes you get, please take a photo and contact us. With our professional and patient after-sales service team, we will do our best to solve the problem and make you satisfied.


How to Order Our Wholesale Mink Lashes ?

If you are interested in our mink lashes, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to answer your questions and solve your problems.

If you have any questions about eyelashes, feel free to contact me.

My Whatsapp:+86-15863489795

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   My E-mail:wellalash@gmail.com

My instagram:wellalashes


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