22mm mink lashes

New 22mm 3D mink lashes style

Wella Lashes In order to better serve the purchaser of eyelashes, we constantly update the style of eyelashes, from the16mm regular mink  lashes style to the 18mm Siberian  mink lashes, to the 20mm mink lashes, to the most popular 25mm mink strip lashes. Eyelash style. We are constantly innovating, constantly tailoring different lengths and different styles of eyelashes according to your needs, so that you can adapt your eyelashes to different occasions.

Today, I want to introduce to you that our latest style 22mm 3D mink lashes, for many customers, feels a bit long for 25mm eyelashes, but 20mm is a bit short, so we have a new 22mm mink lashes style.



The new style has a new length that gives you a different beauty.

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