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The new 22mm mink lashes style, the price is very favorable, take the time to buy it

The new 22mm mink lashes style, the price is very favorable, take the time to buy it

With the further development of the beauty industry, more eyelash customers have started their own eyelash business to enrich their spare time. Therefore, WELLA LASHES has updated many eyelash styles, 25mm, 22mm, 20mm, 16mm, various lengths. The eyelash styles are adapted to different occasions, different people’s eyes.

Today, let’s take a look at our latest release of the new 22mm eyelash style.

22mm mink lashes styles We currently have 8 styles, the current hot style is DN02, DN03, DN05, DN06. Moreover, our eyelashes have just been released and have been recognized by many eyelash enthusiasts.

Reason one: 22mm eyelash length is similar to 25mm mink strip lashes length, and there are many similar styles.

The second reason; 22mm eyelash style price is now a very favorable offer, for those who just started eyelash business and those who do wholesale mink lashes, is a very good news.


Reason three: 22mm eyelash style We have a lot of stock now, because this month our eyelash wholesale is very hot, many eyelash styles are in short supply, plus our eyelashes are handmade, making time It will be a little longer, and many customers will be unable to withstand the waiting time. They are more anxious, so the delivery speed of 22mm mink eyelashes is also very fast.

Said, dear, you like our eyelash style, hurry up and take advantage of the price concessions, buy it quickly, start your eyelash business as soon as possible, let us do it together.

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