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What is the best length to start an eyelash business in the United States?

What Is The Best Length To Start An Eyelash Business In The United States?

Most Eyelash Suppliers will provide eyelashes of 16MM, 20MM, 22MM and 25MM, of which 16MM and 25MM are the best sellers.

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Because the 16mm eyelash length is just right, it is perfect for daily work or classes.Very natural, fun lashes will offer different styles of 16mm lashes.You can choose your favorite eyelash style.

The 25MM Eyelashes are relatively long, which is suitable for going out and partying, and the effect is very eye-catching.

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Many customers who have just come into contact with the eyelash industry in particular struggle with what kind of eyelash style to choose to start the eyelash business.From many customer feedback and buy-back styles, the 16MM Mink Eyelash is the most popular length.Even if the first eyelash is 20mm or 25mm, they will ask me if I have natural eyelashes on the second purchase.

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To sum up, if you have just started the eyelash business, it is recommended that you start the eyelash business with 16mm eyelashes, because 16mm eyelashes are no longer cheap and comfortable, more customers will be more acceptable.This length of eyelash is really good for developing your customer base.

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