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What are our best-selling 20mm eyelashes?

What are our best-selling 20mm eyelashes?

WELLA LASHES is a eyelash vendor and eyelash manufacturer specializing in high quality eyelashes and custom eyelash boxes. We currently have 25mm, 22mm, 20mm, 16mm eyelash styles. Today, we introduce the medium-length 20mm mink lashes style. One of the most popular eyelash styles at present. Currently, we have 20 kinds of eyelash styles. The styles are complete, unique and novel, and the price is very favorable. Welcome your order.

click here⇒New 25mm eyelash style DL series

click here⇒New 22mm 3D mink lashes style DN series

click here⇒Very hot 20mm Siberian mink eyelashes DM series

click here⇒16mm mink lashes DC style

click here⇒Eyelash Packaging

click here⇒Custom eyelash packaging box 2

click here⇒Custom eyelash packaging box 3

The following is a 20mm mink lashes picture display:

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