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One of my clients, since the purchase of our brand of mink lashes, the bigger the business

One of my clients, since the purchase of our brand of mink lashes, the bigger the business


Today, let’s share an old friend of mine. From the strangers at the beginning, to the first cooperation, and then we gradually became business partners and became good friends.

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My friend, when she first found Wella Lashes, she just started the eyelash business. Later, she tried our first mink lashes samples with my encouragement. After 3 days, she successfully received the mink lashes samples we sent, she Tell me, she was shocked, our mink lashes are really perfect, the 3d mink lashes style is so beautiful, she is wearing, very comfortable, and looks very natural. So she was very excited to tell me that she wants to do wholesale mink lashes business with me.

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So, a few days later, she bought a small batch of mink lash styles and tried to start her first sale. At first, her eyelash business was not known by too many people, so the person who tried to buy it , less, I will encourage her, believe in ourselves, our mink lashes are very good quality, you have tried, I believe that the quality of good eyelashes will be loved by your customers, just like there is an old saying in China, “It is difficult to start everything.” As long as you work hard, everything will be better.”

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mink lash vendors

After a period of time, her eyelashes are sold out, and the quality of our eyelashes is also experienced by many eyelash customers, so many customers have come again to find her to purchase eyelashes, but the number is not very much; her fiancé knows that she likes it. Doing this, gave her a lot of money, let her order a batch of large eyelash orders, they held an event, but she did not invite a few friends to participate in her activities, she was very depressed, I will Comforting her again, it doesn’t matter, God will not disappoint the people who work hard.

wholesale mink lashes

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After a while, her client slowly felt the quality of her eyelashes and told many friends, so many customers wholesale mink lashes, and with the promotion of her brand, more and more The person knows her eyelash business, so her business is getting bigger and bigger.

Dear friend, just Wella Lashes’s real customer, we have helped her from getting more and more from her. If you have any questions, you can also try our pair of eyelash samples first.

mink eyelash vendors

mink lashes wholesale

wholesale lash vendors

wholesale lash vendors

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