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Attention please! At present, this kind of box box is the best seller!

Attention please! At present, this kind of box box is the best seller!

Wella Lashes is not only a high quality lash vendor, but also a eyelash manufacturer of high-end eyelash box packaging. We not only have 25mm lashes, 22mm mink lashes, 20mm Siberian mink lashes, 16mm mink lashes styles, but we also have a lot of styles of eyelash boxes, beautiful and affordable crystal eyelashes box, a pair of matt eyelash packaging, and a pair of glitter Eyelash box, diamond-shaped eyelash box packaging, and four pairs of eyelash box packaging, a variety of colors, you can customize the style of the eyelash box according to your preferences.

eyelash case

eyelash case

Today, Wella Lashes recommends a very affordable eyelash box style, whether you are just starting the eyelash business, or have been looking for a beautiful and affordable eyelash box style for a while.

eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging

That is this very small, beautiful crystal eyelash case.
This case not only looks very shiny, but also we can also have a lot of color bottom paper, you can choose from a variety of colors. Moreover, this case can fit the longest 25mm mink lashes, and you can also use any different eyelash styles to match the bottom of the eyelashes.

eyelash box packaging

eyelash packging boxes

Can this box be customized for private logo?
Of course no problem, dear. This box allows you to customize your private sticker in the box, and you can give you any amount of customization for just $20.

private label eyelash packaging

private label manufacturers

Moreover, the price of this case is also very favorable, just need 1 US dollar, you can get a set of eyelash case, including the box of eyelashes, the bottom of the eyelashes and the tray of eyelashes, this is really a big discount. For those who don’t have a high budget, you can make more money with the least amount of money.

lash packaging boxes

eyelash packaging box

So, dear, if you still have any questions, you can always contact Wella Lashes, we will do our best to help you and give you our sincere service. Dear, even if you don’t like the box I recommend, you can also choose our other custom eyelash packaging.

lash packaging

custom packaging

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