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Can Mink Eyelashes Be Reusable?

Can Mink Eyelashes Be Reusable?

Many customers say: Wella lashes, can my mink eyelashes be reused? Depending on the situation, many 3D Mink Lash Vendors and 25MM Mink Lash Vendors say that their mink eyelashes can be reused, and they also say that they can be reused more than 20 times. These promises make you doubt!

In fact, whether mink eyelashes can be reused depends on the quality of your Wholesale Mink Eyelashes and whether your daily care is appropriate! With good quality and proper care, mink eyelashes can really be reused.

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So how to judge the low quality of some mink eyelashes? They will be different. When you accidentally touch mink hair or take off mink eyelashes, some hair will fall off, while those high-quality eyelashes will not, so this is the key point to distinguish good eyelashes from bad eyelashes.

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The following reason is that you care properly. If the quality of glue and mink eyelashes is the best, you should take good care of your eyelashes at this time, so that the service life of eyelashes will not be shortened and will be reused for about 30 times. This will save you a lot of cost!

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