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Currently, the custom eyelash packaging has the least amount of order and the shortest time lash box supplier.

At present, only Wella Lashes’s custom eyelash packaging boxes has the least MOQ with shortest production time!

As eyelashes are increasingly loved by many beauty lovers, many businessmen have started their own eyelash business and want to try to earn more money through their own efforts.

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mink eyelash vendors

Therefore, many eyelash traders are constantly looking for high-quality but affordablewholesale mink lashes eyelash vendors. At the same time, it is not useful to buy mink lashes without their own brands. Only their own eyelash brands are created. Being able to be known by customers, your eyelash business has begun to be known to more eyelash customers. So, customizing the eyelash packaging boxes with your own private label is also a very important step.

mink lash vendors

wholesale mink lashes

So, today we introduce Wella Lashes to help you, give you the smallest eyelash customization MOQ and the shortest time to complete production.

First of all, for the needs of different customers, we have a variety of styles of boxes now, beautiful shiny diamond boxes, carrying a gold box with sperm similar to a cosmetic box, high-end luxury matte square box and very Shiny glitter box and eyelash box for 4 pairs.

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Moreover, our custom eyelash packaging has a very big discount, if you choose to choose Wella Lashes for the custom payment deposit of the box, we will give you the logo design of the eyelash brand for free. We will design according to your requirements, do your best to help your eyelash business, highlight your eyelash brand, let more customers know and remember.

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The order quantity of our eyelash packaging is also very small. It is completely enough to satisfy your initial eyelash business and try your business. It will not cost you a lot of money. Moreover, our custom lash boxes time is also very fast, only 3-5 days we can give you the production and arrange for you to send.

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mink lash vendors

These are very few eyelash suppliers can do, so, dear, you have any questions, you can always contact Wella Lashes, Wella Lashes is willing to answer for you.

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