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Customer’s eyelashes REVIEW list

Customer’s eyelashes REVIEW list

First, let’s introduce our company. Wella Lashes is a eyelash vendor from China and a wholesaler of custom eyelash packaging.

We have the most professional eyelash designer team. Each eyelash style design has its own unique soul;

We have The most professional eyelash makers, each hair is carefully selected, the highest quality mink hair selected, and strictly in accordance with the eyelash designer’s design drawings.

eyelash vendors wholesale

mink lash vendors

We also have the most professional team of logo designers, we can give you a new logo design, you can also design the logo you want, whether it is a high-end logo, a cartoon logo, or an exotic logo. Or any logo, we can design for you, know that you are satisfied;

We also have a professional box production factory, you can make box production and custom eyelash packaging according to your choice, so that your brand can get very Good highlights are easier to remember by customers.

eyelash vendors

lash vendors

Today, let’s take a look at the real feedback from Wella Lashes customers, many of them have become Wella Lashes’s loyal old customers, old friends.

Recently, Wella Lashes has also received a lot of questions from new customers, customers who have not purchased eyelashes, they want to know if Wella Lashes is really a mink lashes vendor and wholesale mink lashes, want to know more, but I am afraid of being deceived. Therefore, today Wella Lashes uses the customer’s real chat screenshot to prove that Wella Lashes is true and worthy of your true mink lash vendor.

Dear, Wella Lashes has now sold countless mink lashes and eyelash box orders, helping countless customers who have just started eyelash business. We use the most sincere service, the smallest order quantity, the best eyelash quality, the fastest transportation method. , to give you the most intimate service.

So, these are just a few, so what are you still hesitating? These real customer reactions are enough to show that Wella Lashes is a real mink eyelash wholesale.

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