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Exquisite eyelash case wholesale custom

Exquisite eyelash case wholesale custom

First of all, thank you very much for having time to browse our website. Wella Lashes is a eyelash vendor and producer specializing in hand-made mink lashes products. We have eyelash styles designed by our unique designers, customized eyelash extensions, customized eyelash packaging boxes and eyelash case, customized eyelash tweezers labels, and the highest quality non-chemical eyelash glue label customization and other related eyelash products.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and 25mm eyelash vendor

Today, I want to introduce you to our eyelash case customization. Currently, we have 6 eyelash case styles to choose from. Moreover, our case does not have the minimum order quantity, you can also reserve a sample first, look at our quality. These cases are perfect for customers who are just starting a small eyelash business. You can spend the least amount of money to promote your eyelash style and your private label.

Regarding the customization of your personal eyelash packaging, the prices of these cases are very cheap, and because of the special material, it is necessary to customize the private label for the label of the case, and give the case a private label of your own. Here you must ask how much does the custom label cost? Our paste customization is only $20, you can customize 200-300 sheets, you can have your own private eyelash case packaging, set up your own eyelash brand.

Dear, if you have any doubts about the customization of your eyelash case packaging, you can always contact me. We provide 24 hours service. If you have any questions about eyelashes, you can contact us. We will give our own experience. You, help you start your eyelash business together

If you have any questions about eyelashes, feel free to contact me.

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