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How Do You Maintain The Quality Of The Lashes With Such High Demands?

How Do You Maintain The Quality Of The Lashes With Such High Demands?

WELLA LASHES is a professional high-quality Lash VendorsWholesale Mink Lashes the quality of our eyelashes are 100% handmade, fast delivery speed, thoughtful after-sales service, for you to solve any problems at any time

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First of all, we use Siberian mink hair in terms of materials, and only the hair on the tail of the mink is the closest to the characteristics of human eyelashes. So the materials we choose are very precious and rare. So the choice of raw materials is the most important to maintain the quality of eyelashes.

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Secondly, in terms of production, the method we choose is purely Hand-Made, and our workers are all employing superb skills, and when setting the shape, we use the high-temperature treatment method. Can maintain the flexibility of eyelashes to the greatest extent. There are many factories that choose to use chemical methods for styling, which will damage the flexibility of eyelashes.

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Every pair of eyelashes sent to customers, we have passed strict quality inspection. Our quality inspectors will check the curling degree of the eyelashes, whether there is any unevenness, whether the fixing glue is firm, whether the eyelash band is tough, and after confirming that there is no problem, we will sell to customers.

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