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How to place an eyelash order as a newcomer?

How To Place An Eyelash Order As A Newcomer?

We are a great quality Mink Lashes Wholesale and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacturer.

Mink Lashes Wholesale

How to place an eyelash order as a newcomer? First, you need to find a supplier that you can trust. It is best that you can add their whatsapp for follow-up contact. When you contact them, you can make a simple self-eyelash first and tell them what you need. Normally, they will send you the best-selling eyelash styles. If you want other lengths, you can ask them. Usually give you a reply.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

After you choose the eyelashes you want, most of the vendors will ask you Do you need Custom Eyelash Packaging ? because most customers have their own brand, and she usually likes to buy eyelashes with packaging.wellalashes boxes print your logo MOQ only MOQ30PCS.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

If you need, when they send you the catalog, you can choose the box you like. If you don’t need it, you can ask them if they have free packaging and let them give you a price.So most of our customers will choose 30 pieces. If you want to create your brand but don’t have your own logo, you can ask if your supplier provides design services. When you confirm that you want to buy from here, you will need to ask Their production time and delivery date, by the way, how do they deal with after-sales and their return policy. hope you can have a smooth shopping experience

 Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box


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