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How to store glue to make it last longer?

How To Store Glue To Make It Last Longer?

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You’re not wasting money on your Eyeash Glue because it ages too fast, we have put together a few tips & some education on how to better look after your Lash Glue.We hope that helps your understanding of your glue more & how you can get a better life from it.

1. Having the correct levels of moisture in your environment can effect the drying time of your Eyelash Glue.

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2. You can store your Lash Glue, unopened, for 12-15 months in your fridge & it will still be fine. You can store your glue at room temp, unopened, for up to 12 months & it will be fine.

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3. Taking glue from the fridge and then opening without allowing the Eyelash Glue to reach room temp can add moisture to your glue which will cure it (ruin it).

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Wholesale Lash Glue Vendors

4. Putting glue in fridge after it is opened runs the risk of moisture seeping into the Lash Glue.

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5. A cool, dry place is best to store your glue after it has been opened, with the lid tightly screwed on so little moisture can get in. Putting one of those little moisture absorbers bags (like you get in vitamin bottles) in an air tight bag or container, would be best.

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6. Get into the habit of wiping the nozzle of your glue after teach time to remove excess glue before putting the lid back on tightly.

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