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How to use Wella false eyelashes?

How to use Wella false eyelashes?


Why is eyelashes an e-commerce variety?

With the popularity of smart phones, the emergence of online social platforms, the diversity and convenience of cross-border payment methods, and the small amount of trade are booming. False eyelashes are such a product, because its market is large, the starting capital is less, the weight Small, fast transportation, so more and more popular with eyelash enthusiasts and small businesses, more and more young people joined the army of online shopping, and its relatively low price and strong beauty, which further fueled the market Capacity.


How is eyelash beauty?

As a quality eyelash manufacturer, eyelash wholesale vendor, Aupres’s mink eyelashes, because of the high quality of the eyelashes produced, the use of long time, fashion style is also sought after by the market, more than 30 bags of eyelash parcels sent to Europe and the United States every day And the Middle East.


Let’s talk about how to use and maintain the Wella eyelashes.

Opal’s eyelashes can make your eyelashes long and bright, and beautiful eyelashes look natural. Having beautiful eyelashes means you don’t need a lot of makeup to look great. It is a great way to raise your eyes and your face. The longer and thicker your eyelashes, the more eye-catching it looks, which in turn attracts your attention. Eyelashes give you the effect you want.

Choose the eyelash style you need based on eye shape

According to the popular classification method, the shape of the eyes is divided into four types: CAT, DOLL, ROUND and WING. Corresponding eyes should also be used to set off the beauty of your eyes and the beauty of your face. There are many types of Aupres eyelashes that match us, so you can choose the right model to dress yourself up.
If you have any pressing questions, you can answer them here. However, if you have confidence in your abilities, there is no reason why you can’t use your own eyelashes, but make sure you follow the instructions very carefully.

Use natural or exaggerated eyelashes depending on the scene

Eyelashes can be made up of many different materials. More expensive, more natural looking eyelashes are made from mink hair.
Eyelashes made from synthetic products are cheaper and in no way inferior. There are many types of artificial eyelashes. As the saying goes: “One penny is worth the goods.” Look for good quality products, not the cheapest ones you can find.

Consumers’ demand for mink lashes is not limited to looking natural. Natural eyelashes are only suitable for work and more solemn occasions. Now with the development of eyelashes, you can find the long eyelashes used at weekend party parties. A little exaggerated eyelashes for vacation travel, etc., Aupres eyelashes, from natural to thick, to exaggerated eyelashes, all models, you can always find a special eyelash for your occasion.


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