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It is very important to choose a new style of eyelashes.

It is very important to choose a new style of eyelashes.

At present, people’s appreciation of beauty is getting higher and higher, and their requirements for themselves are also very high. Just starting your own eyelash business, how to better choose the eyelash style to carry out your eyelash business? I think this is also a common question for many start-up lashers.

Today’s article is about introducing our novel mink eyelashes, and they are also very popular.

The first is the 25mm minkstrip lashes style, which is suitable for many European and American people with deep eye sockets. The feeling of wearing is very beautiful, and the release of this eyelash has been strongly reacted by many customers. The reason, first of all, is because the quality of the eyelashes of Wella Lashes is very good, it looks natural, the curl is perfect, and the eyelashes are very soft, and there is no harm to the eyes. Secondly, the length and style of the eyelashes are novel, decent and cute, so they have received a lot of customers’ strong desire to buy.

Once again, our medium-length 20mm siberian mink lashes style, which is medium in length, is more suitable for out-of-door shopping and shopping. It is also very beautiful. Moreover,  this is also the unique eyelash length of Wella Lashes, and the style of eyelashes is also very much, which allows you to have more choices, more style choices and shopping.

Finally, this is a more natural eyelash style is 16mm 3D mink lashes, his length is suitable for all kinds of people, European and American people wear the same as their own eyelashes, and Asian, African and other countries, customers can Wearing, the length is very natural, the effect is also very natural, it is suitable for social occasions such as work.

Therefore, different eyelashes are suitable for different occasions. The novel eyelash style is also very important, so that you have different feelings and different experiences. At the same time, your eyelash business starts, your customers also have more choices. Opportunity. What do you think, my friend?

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