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My new customer just tried my eyelash samples and immediately went to the wholesale mink lashes order.

My new customer just tried my eyelash samples and immediately went to the wholesale mink lashes order.

Wella Lashes is a high quality wholesale mink lashes vendor and wholesaler of custom eyelash packaging boxes. We have a lot of expertise to help your eyelash business, especially for customers who are just starting the eyelash business.

Today, let me introduce, a customer I just sold a few days ago, she just started her own eyelash brand, looking for a lot of eyelash vendors, tried a lot of eyelash products, and finally she chose Wella Lashes Eyelash products. why?

eyelash vendors

lash vendors

1. First of all, the most important thing is the quality of our good quality mink lashes.

We are doing high quality mink lashes wholesale, and we not only have wholesale mink lashes, but we can also customize eyelash packaging, we also have a lot of eyelash tools, eyelash tweezer,eyelash brush, eyelash glue, we also You can design your own private logo, we can fully help your eyelash business.

mink lash vendors

eyelash vendors

2. We have a professional team of designers.

Regardless of the style of the eyelashes or the design of the custom eyelash packaging, we are dedicated to designing each customer, doing our best to help them and give them the most comprehensive service.

wholesale mink lashes

mink lashes wholesale

3. We provide a full range of services.

To provide customers with the best eyelash quality and the lowest wholesale price, to help you start your eyelash business with the least amount of money, and to grow your eyelash business, this is our expectation. We provide you with the best service, 24 hours a day, you can always contact us to help you answer questions, even if we have any things, we will give you the first time to see your message. Respond, we pursue a comprehensive customer experience.

mink eyelash vendors

eyelash vendors wholesale

4. We give you the fastest shipping and lowest shipping costs by default.

We currently have two modes of transportation, Fedex and Ups. Of course, other transportations are used first, and we can also apply for you. Generally our Fedex transport is 2-3 days to reach Ups which is 3-4 days to arrive.

wholesale lash vendors

wholesale eyelash vendors

These are the reasons why my new customer chose Wella Lashes to continue the wholesale mink lashes.

wholesale eyelash vendors

mink lashes vendor

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