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New 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale

New 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale

About our 25mm mink strip lashes, we are constantly innovating and developing, and we are striving to design the eyelashes that are most suitable for customers to wear and that can best show your beauty.
About our 25mm mink strip lashes, all from siberian mink lashes , we carefully selected mink hair, hand-placed, made of mink lashes, our quality you can rest assured, there are any quality problems, you You can find me, we will give you a satisfactory treatment, and will not make you feel any unfairness.

Regarding the 25mm mink lashes, our eyelashes are very soft and completely harmless to the eyes, which is also a great advantage of our eyelashes. Sincerely wholesale the best quality eyelashes to customers. Speak with real quality and sincerely become friends with customers.

Wella Lashes provides 24 hours service, you have any questions about mink lashes or you have doubts about your initial eyelash business, you can come to us, we will give you a sincere answer, and put forward relevant opinions, together Help you start your eyelash business and do your eyelash business together.

25mm mink lashes DM02
25mm mink lashes DM01

If you have any problems with mink lashes

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