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New Product Eye Shadow Stick

New Product Eye Shadow Stick

We have been constantly updating our product types. Now we have updated several eye shadow sticks. Eye shadow sticks are more convenient and small in size. When you travel or are outside, it allows you to touch up makeup at any time to maintain delicate makeup. We have updated 10 colors, most of which are very daily colors, which can satisfy your daily makeup

Wholesale Eyeshadow Stick

Wholesale Eyeshadow Stick

Our 01 color is a white pearlescent color. It can not only be used to superimpose all your eyeshadows, but it can also be used as a highlight. You can point it on your nose or corners of your eyes. It is sparkling and very beautiful.

Wholesale Eyeshadow StickWholesale Eyeshadow Stick

And our eyeshadow stick is upgraded. It is very waterproof and long-lasting. It can maintain the makeup for a day without rubbing it. This is one of the reasons why our customers like it.We can sell them individually or in groups of 10. If you want wholesale, we can also do it, and you can also give it to your friends or family as a gift. I believe they will love it very much.

f you want to order you can contact us, we support ordering samples first for testing, our WhatsApp+8615863489795

Wholesale Eyeshadow StickWholesale Eyeshadow Stick

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