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The new eyelash style is really important to start the eyelash business! Why?

The new mink lashes style is really important to start the eyelash business!Why?

With the development of the makeup, many people have started their own eyelash business. However, when I started my own eyelash business, I have a lot of problems and things that I don’t understand at all. So, after a lot of frustration, I chose the eyelash style that the customer doesn’t like.

The customer not only doesn’t like it, but you waste your Money, therefore, whether you are just starting your eyelash business or you are ready to continue to order more mink lashes styles, it is very important to choose a customer and a good  new sales mink lashes style.

Today, Wella Lashes will introduce the most innovative and popular eyelash styles among 25mm mink strip lashes, 22mm mink lashes, siberian mink lashes 20mm and 16mm mink lashes.

25mm DL03, DL04, DL08, DL13

22mm DN02, DN04, DN14, DN16

20mm DM01, DM05, DM10, DM17

16mm DC12, DC66, DC102, DC112


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