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What do you need to know when you place a sample order?

What do you need to know when you place a sample order?

We are a great quality Mink Lashes Wholesale and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacturer.

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We are not only eyelash wholesalers, but we also accept sample orders. We understand how customers place sample orders before bulk purchases. But when you buy samples, do you really know this supplier? You only receive products, do you understand their services?

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When you buy samples, when you choose the style you want, you need to ask, when you order in bulk, the price is more favorable. Generally, the price of the sample is higher than the bulk order, and then you can ask them Are there any other services and whether they provide Custom Eyelash Boxes? At this time, you need to ask them for the MOQ of the box with your logo. Most companies have customized packaging with a MOQ of 100PCS, but our boxes only carry your logo. 30PCS is required, and if you do not have your own logo, we will design it for you for free, one-stop service

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Then you also need to ask you whether they provide other eyelash accessories, glue or other items such as tweezers. The most important thing is to ask about their production time and shipping time, as well as their return policy, only to take everything After you understand everything, you can order in bulk with confidence

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