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What is the difference between Wella Lashes and other eyelash vendors?

What is the difference between Wella Lashes and other eyelash vendors?

With the development of the eyelash industry, more people are looking for business opportunities in the eyelash business, and they have started their own eyelash brand. They also found that they bought new eyelash products from other eyelash vendors and started to become eyelashes. Wholesale, and now a lot of suppliers are like this, they are not real lash vendors, and do not have their own eyelash factory, which is the biggest difference between Wella Lashes and other suppliers.

eyelash vendors
eyelash vendors

The difference one:

The designer of each eyelash vendors has different design concepts, so the style of the eyelashes is different.

Wella Lashes has a lot of eyelash styles, 25mm, 22mm, 20mm, 16mm, and each eyelash length has different eyelash styles, which are created by our own designers, each eyelash has its own The idea has its idea. Moreover, we can also customize the eyelash style you want. This is also what many eyelash suppliers do not have.

22mm mink lashes
22mm mink lashes

Difference two:

The production process of eyelashes is purely hand-placed and machine-made.

Wella Lashes’s eyelashes are the best quality mink hair from Siberia. The workers put them one by one according to the designer’s design drawings, then make the glue of the eyelashes, make the eyelashes, and make the craft. Very complicated, but the quality of the production is very good, which is why the price of Wella Lashes eyelashes is slightly higher. Premium mink lashes are the most important; not like other suppliers, they simply pursue the quantity and ignore the quality of the eyelashes.

Again, there are many, many different differences, so the most important point is that you need to find a true eyelash supplier to start your eyelash business.

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