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What Is The Most Popular Style 5D Eyelash ?


ince 2012,  Mink eyelashes have been loved by more people, and more and more people are beginning to use mink eyelashes to make themselves more beautiful.

In 2015, the most popular  mink eyelashes are 3D mink eyelashes.

In 2018, the most popular is the 25mm mink lashes and 18-20mm mink strip lashes.

If you can know the most popular  5D mink eyelashes in 2020, you must be sure. Now, I want to congratulate, you have to know right away.

What is the difference between 5D eyelashes and normal eyelashes?5D eyelash curl is more warped, looks more three-dimensional, 5D lashes looks more better and charming.

The trend of eyelashes tends to be more exaggerated and curly, so 5D eyelashes will guide the trend.Be sure to grasp the trend, your eyelash business will get more and more better!

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