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What Should You Know More About Mink Lashes?

What Should You Know More About Mink Lashes?

Wella lashes is a professional Wholesale Lashes Suppliers We have a team of professional designers to design different eyelash styles so that customers can cope with different occasions, such as: 25mm Lashes, and we will also Custom Eyelash Packaging Box according to customer needs. Your eyelash business looks more professional

《Will most customers choose mink eyelashes or faux eyelashes?》

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The mink used by Wella Lashes comes from shedding black live mink. Their fur is naturally plump, dark in color, and has a smooth surface, which can be eye-catching without manual treatment. Moreover, since the same pair of Siberian mink eyelashes are not suitable for long-term wear, there is no need for long-term fur preservation treatment. You will get naturally sterilized black thick eyelashes, even suitable for sensitive eyes!

《Where To Wholesale 20mm Mink Lashes?》


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During the mink shedding season, the real mink used to make luxurious eyelashes is obtained by gently brushing the mink on the free-range farm in Siberia. During this process, no animals were harmed. Siberian minks are carefully cared for and fed by farmers in their free-range environment.

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Since the highest quality fur comes from the highest quality care, farmers must comply with the nutritional requirements of mink during growth and reproduction, as well as strict government and agricultural regulations to ensure the highest humane care standards. All fur raw materials are imported from Siberia, and Siberia is the highest quality mink on the global market. Then, the Siberian mink eyelashes were assembled by hand in the Beimimr Lashes manufacturing plant in Asia.

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