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Why choose to buy wellalashes box?

we are a best 3d mink lash vendors  and custom eyelash boxes, tweezers, glue manufacturer.

Many people who are just starting out in the eyelash business don’t know how to choose a custom box. Now wellalash tells you what are the most popular boxes!

custom eyelash packaging usa

eyelash packaging box

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

custom lash packaging

customize your own eyelash box

Why choose to buy our box?

1.Some small mink lashes wholesale do not have their own factories. They can only cooperate with other factories to complete the production of customized boxes. Time will be very long. This often brings you some losses. but we have our own factory, The production time is generally 4-6 working days. 

2.We have many orders to arrange production every day, and many customers send us their best feedback after receiving the goods

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