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Why did you choose wellalashes

Why did you choose wellalashes

Wellalashes is a great quality eyelash vendors wholesale and custom eyelash boxes, tweezers, glue manufacturer.

More than 8 years manufacture experiences and professional service team, Our aim is to supply best eyelashes and service in the world!

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We have our own eyelash and packing factory,This is also one of the important reasons why we ensure the quality of eyelashes,we are the best 3d mink lash vendors,we can guarantee the quality and quantity of eyelash, our own production of products has a strict supervision on the quality, and also have our own advantage, it is a good choice for customers.

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We have our own packing plant,some small mink lashes wholesale do not have their own factories. They can only cooperate with other factories to complete the production of customized boxes. Time will be very long. This often brings you some losses. but we have our own factory, The production time is generally 4-6 working days.

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