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Why don’t our customized boxes do samples?

Why Don’t Our Customized Boxes Do Samples?

We are a great quality Mink Lashes Wholesale and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacturer.

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

Customers often ask me, do you make samples of your eyelashes? Do you make samples for your custom boxes? Because I want to order samples before bulk ordering,My answer is, if you only need eyelashes, we can make samples and mix all the eyelash styles you like, and then if you want to customize the box to print your logo, we can’t make samples. The minimum order quantity is 30 pieces each styles

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Why our Custom Eyelash Boxes can’t provide samples? First of all, because the production process of the boxes is very complicated, and the boxes need to be mass-produced. The time to make a box is the same as the process of making more than a dozen boxes, so they are all mass-produced. The required raw materials can also be used to make many boxes at one time. It is very wasteful and takes a lot of time to make a box.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

We have contacts with many eyelash companies. According to our understanding, the minimum order quantity of most custom boxes requires 100 pieces, or at least 50 pieces. In response to this problem, our company has launched more than 150 luxury packages for customers to choose and print The minimum order quantity for your logo on the box is only 30 pieces,We have the smallest MOQ, so you can choose us without worrying about spending a lot of money

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