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Why don’t our eyelashes have moq

Why Don’t Our Eyelashes Have Moq

We are a professional Wholesale Lashes Vendor WellaLashes, I believe you are no stranger to us, we produce high quality eyelashes, we have our own eyelashes factory, we are the Eyelash Manufacturer

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When many customers contact us, they will ask us a question, do you have moq? ​​As a professional Eyelash Vendor, we do not have moq now. As far as I know, many suppliers have their own moq and some even exceed 50 pairs. , I think this is unfair to customers

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Why do we not have moq? ​​First of all, according to our statistics, many of our customers are customers who have just started the Eyelash Business, so they do not know the quality and style of eyelashes very well. At this time, they need to find a supply that can provide samples. The merchant, first buy a few pairs to test it, and not only the novice customer, not only one customer complained to me, they ordered a bunch of garbage from other Lash Vendors before, and they were even cheated, so they wanted to order samples and test first. Now, being able to order samples is what most customers want, so we don’t have moq, and we fully respect and understand every customer’s choice

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